Reality Check: You’re NOT Mr. Right, you’re Mr. Right Now!

Mr. Right Now

When it comes to love/relationships views by the opposite sex often clash. Women are often perceived as being needy, clingy, insecure beings that leech on to any man that comes along because apparently every woman is searching for her knight in shining armor to ride in on his horse and save her.

Men are perceived as being these God like creatures who have their pick of any woman and make you feel like you’re the lucky one if they choose you for more than just a one night stand.

You often hear men say “I’d f*ck her but I wouldn’t wife her”. Could this statement be anymore narcissistic? Who’s to say that this woman you want only for 1 night wants to be wifed by you? Reality Check: Not all women are looking to be saved some actually only want to have a good time just like their male counter parts.

Today’s women are smarter, more confident and more independent so having a full fledged relationship may not be high on their list of priorities. I decided to write about this because I see this and hear it all the time.  

Men are so self-centered sometimes that they border on delusional. Contrary to what men think, not all women are looking for long lasting committed relationships. If she sleeps with you the first night, chances are she doesn’t want anything more from you than what you are able to provide that night. So the same way you probably wouldn’t wife her, 9 times out of ten she wouldn’t take you seriously either.

How can you take anyone seriously when you sleep with them but don’t even know their last name? That goes for both sexes. Most of us wouldn’t because obviously first impressions do say a lot. If someone sleeps with you on the first night you have to question their intentions. It is very likely that a relationship is not in the horizon.

However, because men have been innately programmed to think they are God’s gift to women, they believe that every woman wants them. Furthermore, they believe that women need to jump over hoops to please them and to be with them. I know so many men that put women through idiotic “tests” to see if they are worthy of being the “one”. Get the FOH.

Ladies: if a man ever has to put you through a “test” to know that your intentions are real drop him quick. Don’t give men so much power because the truth is that women have more power than men. It’s just that most of us don’t know how to use it. Ladies, stop relinquishing your power and learn how to use it.

I’m tired of men thinking that all women want to be cuffed by them. We don’t and frankly most of YOU aren’t even “cuffen” material. Most men have these high standards when it comes to the women they would “wife” but most of them have not reached a level in their lives where they should have such “high standards”. Bottom line is, if you can’t offer a woman the same thing that you demand then you’re in no position to be demanding sh*t.

When it comes to men and settling down, women usually look for someone that is on or above her own level. Let’s be honest, no one wants to be with a bum. It’s about building a life TOGETHER and if a man doesn’t bring something to the table other than what’s in between his legs he really isn’t good for anything but a sexual encounter.

So while you men may think that the woman you’re dealing with is looking to settle down and commit with you the reality very well may be that she isn’t because to her you’re not Mr. Right you’re Mr. Right Now.

*Originally posted June 16, 2010*

5 thoughts on “Reality Check: You’re NOT Mr. Right, you’re Mr. Right Now!

  1. Well, this definitely has touched very close to home. This actually happened to me a few years ago. My sister introduced me to one of her girl friends who is a teacher, and we kicked it. The first day I met her it was instant, the attraction was more sexual than anything. I made the mistake of thinking that this woman wanted to be more than just a quickie and turns out that she actually didnt want that. She just wanted a “Fuck Buddy”. I was fine with that until feelings started to arise on my part. I mean she was very smart and nice about it which made the transition easier to deal with. I would always ask her, When are we taking it to next level? she would always reply that she didnt want that, and wasnt really ready to deal with me as her “man”. Long Story Short, I started to catch feelings for her and let her know this, she claimed that she felt the same way but my current situation who not be convenient for the type of relationship she was in search. Sad to say I wound up heartbroken but we moved on and I really havent spoke to her since. Pointblank Baby Girl You are so right, sometimes its just a sex thing or a one time thing. Dont Ever get it Twisted. And thanks for posting this, it allowed me to express this for the first time. You are the first to know this about me.



    1. Nill, thank you for sharing your experience with me. The more I write, the more I realize that there are many people that often go thru the same or similar situations. When people as yourself share your stories with me it only makes me want to write more. So thank you 🙂 I think often times men have this false perception that every woman wants a relationship when in fact they don’t. Times have changed. Women are smarter, more confident, and more independent so having a relationship may not be on their list of priorities. Many are out just looking for a good time like most men are. I’m sorry that what you were looking for and what she was looking for didn’t coincide at the time. When it comes to love and relationships timing is everything.


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