Live To Inspire…

I live to inspire. Why? Simply because to inspire another human being is the one gift in which the giver both gives and receives. You give the gift of yourself to another who in turn uses that to become a better version of themselves. I live to inspire, by my actions, my thoughts, and my words. I live to inspire because it is what we’re all meant to do, yet very few of us do so. How many people have inspired you to give more, to do more, to be more? The person that I am today is the direct result of the many people that have inspired me. Some inspired me and weren’t even aware that they were doing so. To all of you thank you…


I am inspired by fearlessness, by kindness, by independence, by strength, by love, by knowledge, by pain, by fear, by the will to never give up. I am inspired by those who are not afraid to be themselves. I am inspired by those who can stand up and give a middle finger to the naysayers, the non believers, the haters and detractors. I am inspired by anyone who is willing to fight for what they believe in even when what they believe is not the popular or generally accepted viewpoint. I am inspired by the little girl or boy who knows at a tender age that fitting into society’s definition of “normal” is just a bunch of nonsense so instead of conforming they live to stand out. I am inspired by those that challenge the status quo. I am inspired by those that dare to be different. I am inspired by the individual who embraces who they are, unapologetically and fearlessly. I am inspired by those who stand up for others. I am inspired by those that give a voice to those who cannot or are afraid to speak for themselves. I am inspired by the abused woman who says she will no longer be a punching bag and fights back. I am inspired by the single mother that does what’s necessary to make ends meet. I am inspired by the single father that chose to stay with his child rather than running away. I am inspired by those who take responsibility. I am inspired by positivity. I am inspired by beauty. Not just physical beauty but by mental, intellectual, and emotional beauty, by those that radiate beauty from within. I am inspired by persistence. I am inspired by those who don’t take no for an answer and go after what they want. I am inspired by the man that gets up day after day looking for work even though he is constantly turned away. I am inspired by the child who falls off the bike but gets back on because they know the scrapes and bruises will eventually heal. I am inspired by those who fight for their lives when the threat of disease, illness, sickness attacks their bodies. I am inspired by their tenacity, their bravery, and their will to eliminate the enemy. I am inpsired by the optimist who see the glass half full, who sees the light at the end of the tunnel and doesn’t stop walking, running, climbing until they reach their destination. I am inspired by the sun that shines, by the winds that blow and by the rainbow that is sure to come after the storm. I am inspired by confidence. I am inspired by those who know who they are even in a world where most walk around aimlessly pretending to be someone they think everyone else wants them to be. I am inspired by the person who shouts “screw you, you idiots in your idyllic world full of nothing but propagated realities”. I am inspired by you. I am inspired by dreamers, doers, lovers, writers, artists anyone who can paint a picture by any means necessary; those that can go beyond the realm of normalcy. Let me be your muse. I am here naked, free of prejudicial thoughts, innocent and pure. I am yours to inspire. Please inspire me!

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