Haikus (2/30)

Shattered dreams always drown in pools of potential once full of promise. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood lines are all that            remain as reminders of                       life taken too soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nightly visits, he gently nudges on my door begging me to let him in.   ~a Haiku poem is a Japanese poem with the first verse with 5 syllables and the second with 7 syllablles and the 3rd … Continue reading Haikus (2/30)

(5/30) Food for My Soul

I’m a hungry beast devouring ignorance with each stroke of my pen.   Today’s poem is in the form of a haiku. Haiku is a Japanese style of poetry that combines form, content, and language in a meaningful, yet compact form. The first line usually contains five  syllables, the second line seven syllables, and the third line contains five syllables (5,7,5).  A Haiku must “paint” a mental image … Continue reading (5/30) Food for My Soul