On Race, Injustice, and Literary Movements

Literary and cultural movements are often borne as a response to what is occurring in the world around us. Literature and the arts in general are constantly evolving as new movements emerge and speak to the concerns of different groups of people and time periods. Often, our political and social landscape influences art, but most specifically it influences the artist. For the artist the art … Continue reading On Race, Injustice, and Literary Movements

System Failure (4/30)

  I remember azzure blue simplicities before impressions and tones and presences were overlaid by memories. Memories of innocence, of loved ones of high school graduations that will never take place. Scattered remnants of those tentative first life impressions that no longer exist.  The morning paper reports realities of murdered children who wore hoodies and craved skittles and iced tea. Whose only crime was being at the wrong … Continue reading System Failure (4/30)