Broken Dreams


How do you get over losing your dream?

When all that you’ve worked for is ripped at the seams.

How do you pick up the pieces and start over new?

When being together was all that you knew.

How do you almost have it all and then let it slip away?

And all that you’ve worked for is gone in one day.

This wasn’t how the story was supposed to end.

You were supposed to be my lover, my man, my best friend.

What happened to all those things you said?

Those things you would whisper when we were lying in bed.

The promises you made, to have and to hold To love me and cherish me until we grew old.

I used to believe in happy endings

But now it just feels like pretending

Stuck in this land of make believe

You’re no longer you, I’m no longer me.

This wasn’t supposed to be part of the plan

But whatever it is I’ll do what I can

My life, my world won’t ever be the same.

For that reality we are both to blame.

I hate you for what you have done to my heart.

I sit here crying with my life torn apart.

While you lay in our bed in peace all alone

Here I lay in someone else’s bed, in someone else’s home.

I gave all that I had but it wasn’t enough.

So many times I thought “should it really be this rough?”

It wasn’t enough to keep us together

No matter what we did it never got better.

We couldn’t get past all the sadness and pain.

No matter what we tried it was never the same.

We couldn’t stop all the arguing and the tears.

Despite our promises to each other throughout the years.

How am I supposed to start over anew?

When all of my dreams where supposed to happen with you.

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