Visions of You



I can’t get over your illustrious beauty

The mere thought of you causes my heart’s rhythm to quicken, my hands turn to sweat and leaves my mouth searching for the right words to say.

I find it difficult to speak

for I do not want to say the wrong thing but

Instead fill your ears with beautiful sounds as those from birds singing their lover’s tune.

My desire to protect you was born the second that I felt you.

Though I couldn’t see you,

I knew you were there waiting for me to love you.

You became inexplicably a part of me. An extension of that person that I longed to be.

And ever since you became a part of my life I knew you were my destiny.

Never did I conceive that you would become my reality

For in all my years you were a mere fantasy.

I find myself consumed with a desire to never let you go

I am addicted to thoughts of you

And I’m so enamored that I see you in everything I do 

Never have I loved more than I love you,

Bring happiness to my life, this is what you do.

I long to feel your warm embrace

To hold your hands and to kiss your face

And when you’re afraid and feel alone

Always know that I’m here. I am home.

I envision how life would be once you’re here

And imagining life without you is my biggest fear

I know that God will bless me with you one day

But until then all I can do is pray

Pray to feel you growing inside of me

And show you how good life can be.

Never will you have to wonder who

Because you are me and I am you.

I will patiently wait for you to arrive

And until you’re here I won’t feel completely alive

There is nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do

For the love of my life, it is you.



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