NYC Principal fired for being a perv…..

Quintin Cedeno, principal at High School of Construction, Trades, Engineering and Architecture, was fired after allegedly fondling and soliciting sex from boys.Sex, sex, sex….it permeates today’s society. It appears that every where you look whether it’s in Hollywood, professional sports or politics there’s always a sex scandal. In fact, it has become so expected than when we hear about it most of us aren’t shocked. However, what is unexpected is discovering that the principal of the school where your child is a student has been enticing them with cell phones and the promises of buying them material things all in return for sexual favors.

Quintin Cedeno, principal at the High School of Construction Trades in New York City was recently fired when allegations from a number of students surfaced accusing him of sexual misconduct. Cedeno, who is 33, and started off as a math teacher is accused of fondling and soliciting oral sex from some of his students. One 15 yr old student, who was allegedly propositioned by the principal, is said to have text messages from Cedeno reminding him that he bought him a cell phone.

Phone records obtained by investigators show several calls, one 82 minutes long, and over 100 text messages sent to the student. According to the NY Daily News, the student’s mother reportedly told officials that one of the text messages sent to her son stated “All I did for you and you don’t want to do for me. You’ve had an easy ride so far. If everything stops then it all stops”. This is astonishing to say the least. I’m not a parent but I have nieces and a nephew and the notion of anyone, least of all their principal, taking sexual advantage of them makes me want to do unspeakable and un-Godly like things to any individual that hurts them. This is not only disgusting but it’s repulsive. 

How can a principal, an educator, be so stupid, irresponsible, and perverted? These are children. Parents entrust their kids to teachers and educators with the hope that they are being taught and that their well being and safety aren’t being compromised. Instead of having a role model, an educator, a leader, these children instead have a sexual predator that is using his power to fulfill his sick fantasies. 

While the investigation is still on-going and the constitution says that you’re innocent until proven guilty I am having  difficulty accepting this IF it is found to be true. How do these types of individuals go undetected by family, friends, or co-workers for years without anyone knowing of this sordid and unhealthy sickness? If this is true I’m sure that these boys aren’t the first victims.  Thank god for technology because if the principal did have affairs with any of the victims the proof will be in the phone records. You can’t hide from text messages and it will be rather hard to deny something when it’s staring you in the face. I hope that the prosecutors put together an iron clad case because if Cedeno is guilty he needs to be punished for what he has done. 

How would you feel if he was the principal at your child’s school? What are your thoughts?

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