Imagining Beauty

I don’t know what it feels like

but I can imagine,

the love between a mother and child

The inexplicable connection that is formed

even when the umbilical cord is cut and

that new life is no longer physically attached to the body

I don’t know what it feels like

but I can imagine,

It’s the immediate need to love,

nurture, and

protect your greatest asset;

something so special,

so unique

because it is a very real part of you

1o fingers, 10 toes, 1 heart beating

full of dreams,


and hopes

This is beauty

Like autumn leaves falling,

beautiful hues of



and brown

all representative

of the reflection

that is you

I don’t know what if feels like

but I can imagine,

It’s a flower blooming in spring,

waiting for sun,



And so I feed you

You cling to me

sucking all that I have to give

I am yours

You are mine

I watch you grow

and wait in anticipation

I am the artist

and you are my canvas

In you,

I see all of the things that I am not;

So I dip my brush in the paint

And with soft gentle strokes

you become





like a desolate island

that has yet to be discovered

I don’t know what it feels like

but I can imagine,

You are an untapped resource

yet I am drunk,

inebriated under your influence

I stagger not knowing which way to go

I’m a novice

I’ve never done this before

You didn’t come with an owner’s manual

What if I screw you up?

There’s no return policy

and so I become afraid




alone in the dark

it’s just me and you

So I close my eyes

and you are there

In my arms

I smell your scent,


I lose my breath

I touch you

Your skin is like suede



like untouched snow

You are summer

You are winter

You are spring

You are fall

You are day,

You are night,

You are a thousand dollar bill

and I will walk naked,



through thorn filled rose bushes

just to protect you

for no other reason

except that

I am



I don’t know what it feels like
but I can imagine.

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