Ode to Sunshine

By Latif Chris Alexander

As the sunrise, I reflect

I see u again,

and then I know

the day will bring forth pleasures of joy.

Beaming through my blinds & curtains

Shining and trapped on my face but

I lay still and don’t want it to escape.

Hello & good morning to Sunshine

She’s my sunshine

a ray of hope

ya portrait so hot it should be placed in steel frames

such a sweet gesture that it can humble the hungriest tiger or

heal the sickest patient

the hidden cure that medicines can’t concur

The mornings view remind me of you

my rage and fears are finally subdued

fiery hot, admire you..How can I NOT?

plus your grace & style exemplifies your smile

I never want to see the sun go down or

the moon to appear

ya smile is my sunshine

if it was up to me it will shine all year.

3 thoughts on “Ode to Sunshine

    1. Nia,
      I didn’t write this poem.. a friend did and I thought it was a beautiful ode to sunshine which is why I posted it. You should definitely write an ode to rain…can’t wait to read it 🙂


  1. Wow. Truly speechless. Bring back memories Of moments I could never express any better. You did ya thing it gave me butterflys


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