Tonight I want it to rain
blades of nostalgia that pierce through my skin
washing away every memory we created~
Purging my body of the toxins that remained after
you infused me with your poisonous tongue, the battle scars inflicted during our version of World War II
still haven’t healed…
You are a nuclear power plant
Powerful and destructive
I have to get out of harm’s way
The dust hasn’t even settled yet
But I’m done settling
This is not Plymouth Rock
you cannot plant your seed in me
raise your flag and
claim your territory
So tonight I want it to rain
Rain hard, puncture my subconscious
Let my blood shed for all to see
Tattered skin, misused and abused then thrown to the side
like an old pair jeans that fit your body just a little too perfectly.


This poem was written as I listened to Adele’s ‘Right as Rain”…so I guess the song inspired me to write this for sometimes love isn’t “right as rain”.

3 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. blades of nostalgia that pierce through my skin, purging my body of toxins, the dust hasn’t even settled yet, but I’m done settling

    Washing away the memories. Healing. Amen.


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