Poem: Public Service Announcement

The revolution will not be televised on flat screen TVs. Pay close attention to the blood left behind by the God fearing martyrs as they plan to eliminate you. We cannot be held liable if we fail to protect you. Watch as the phallic powers collapse into obscurity. Observe a superpower that was built to last, crumble. Be prepared to surrender your inalienable rights for The Patriot Act. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men  are created equal if you’re the right shade of light. Life, liberty, and the pursuit  of happiness can only be found in books our youth cannot access. It is not our fault that you cannot read. War is expensive, education, the price. Single mothers start saving up bail money. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. We are not responsible for what happens to you behind interrogation walls. Please sit quietly as we coerce you into a false confession. You are guilty until proven innocent beyond a reasonable doubt. If we mistakenly execute you, please accept our sincerest apologies. We reserve the right to shoot first. In the event of an error, our officers will be put on compensated leave pending a “full investigation”. If you feel you’ve been treated unfairly, you can request a hearing. But understand that it is not our duty to listen to you. Please proceed to the end of the line. Even though you have an appointment, you will be seen in the order that we decide.
©2011 Nancy Arroyo Ruffin

2 thoughts on “Poem: Public Service Announcement

  1. It’s scary to think how true these things are, yet how little significance we place on them. It’s really the little things that count, but all it takes is a single piece of straw to break the camels back.


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