Emotional Rollercoaster

 Deep wrinkled, hollowed eyed, burned by the sun flashes of red, crisscross onyx covered retinas. No longer able to contain emotions, hyperventilating, sweating, shaking, stomach flipping because I’ve never really liked roller coasters. Reaching elevating highs, only to be overtaken by catapulting lows, who in their right mind enjoys this? Strapped in tight, blasting tunnels lit with projections of stars, galaxies, asteroids, and other cosmological … Continue reading Emotional Rollercoaster

When the Earth Trembles

On days like today, I remember you. Tragedy does not remain localized. It manifests outward, from the epicenter, heart and guts exposed; Exploding out of chests, like limbs decapitated by land mines, Earthquakes ravage, hurricanes savage and if you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time Fall victim to anger that shoots first and asks questions last. Pressurized water bursts through rotten aluminum pipes … Continue reading When the Earth Trembles