50 Years of Change: Taller Americano Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Historic Speech

Tonight I got the opportunity to perform at an event @ The Alexis Grady Gallery celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic I Have a Dream speech. I cannot seem to find the right words to express how grateful and humble I feel to have been a part of that event. The works on exhibit were in one word, captivating. 3 … Continue reading 50 Years of Change: Taller Americano Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Historic Speech

Asphalt Dreams (on Palmetto Street)

   A tree grows in Brooklyn and so did my dreams on the cracked asphalt of tenement building stoops a flower trying to break through but roses don’t bloom here that’s what I was told Never believing that I could ever see a world beyond my periphery struggling with tunnel vision I watch passersby and they watch me, holding my baby close, never expecting me … Continue reading Asphalt Dreams (on Palmetto Street)


I carry history in my hair Generations of thick tangled tresses Colored with shame at the roots stripped, dyed, burned, fried trying unsuccessfully to alter its DNA. Since birth, my hair has danced violently to a beat of its own Tautly twined coils stretched like the goatskin that cover djembe drums each lock relentlessly rebelling, defiant like sugar cane trying to make its way through concrete … Continue reading Roots

NYCLWG Prompt: What I always wanted…

What I always wanted, was to feel her touch like inspiration. Slightly parted lips that greet me hello every morning the way the sun kisses the sky at dawn. She is heaven and I want to live in her forever. Build legacies from the ground up because she comes from a strong foundation. Teach her how beautiful she is, not because of how she looks, … Continue reading NYCLWG Prompt: What I always wanted…

The Chosen (Part 2)

A few years ago I wrote a poem titled The Chosen which spoke of my struggle to conceive. It was probably the most personal poem I’ve ever written. With the birth of my beautiful daughter I felt that it was necessary to write a follow-up poem because I have finally been chosen to be a mother. These past five months have been the best five months of … Continue reading The Chosen (Part 2)