The Chosen (Part 2)

A few years ago I wrote a poem titled The Chosen which spoke of my struggle to conceive. It was probably the most personal poem I’ve ever written. With the birth of my beautiful daughter I felt that it was necessary to write a follow-up poem because I have finally been chosen to be a mother. These past five months have been the best five months of my life and I owe it all to Avarie. This poem is for her.

They say the child chooses the mother
Before they are conceived.
They search and search until they
Find the perfect place to settle in
Like 1492 Columbus did
In search for a new world.
Now here I am…
a woman worthy to
hold the title of mother
for a child has finally chosen me
to be its home, life sentenced protector.
Created to breathe life into her lungs
Birth seeds of hope from my ovaries
that will blossom into a
future writer, artist, or world leader.
Beauty that is wrapped in
velvet sheets of new beginnings
Carrying within it my heart’s deepest desire.
Magnificent one, all mine,
You are a colossal presence,
like a new moon in an empty sky
The tides of your love
a magnetic gravitational pull.
For you are
in the hills of my bones
in the contour of my muscles
in the crown of my hair
in the nape of my neck
in the gentleness of my hands
in the waterfalls of my blood
in the light of my shadow
You are and always will be
the very best part of me.
A mirror perched within my reach,
my reflection looking back at me.
Reminding me that anything is possible
When you have FAITH.
No longer driven by the restless urge to create,
You are my masterpiece.
Like nights spent under Parisian skies
viewing paintings at the Louvre
Bathing in spiritual love,
I manifested you into existence.
I no longer sit still and wait.
I am no longer a broken clock
My time has finally come to hold you in my arms.
To love, care, and nurture the spirit
that has come to me in human form,
my baby Avarie.
My womb no longer weeps.
The months, now reminders that
you are getting older, getting stronger,
and will soon have dreams of your own.
I see you stare back at me
As I rock you to sleep at night
A soul meant to be, brown-eyed, laughing.
Above the air I breathe
heavy rainclouds no longer shed tears
Sadness has been replaced by my baby’s laugh.
Her eyes are the color of happiness.
My heart is now complete because…
I have been chosen.
I have been chosen.
I have been chosen.




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