“Live On Purpose” Challenge Day 5: Who’s On Your Team? Get your squad up!

There’s a saying in Spanish that says “Dime con quien andas y te digo quien eres (Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who you are).  Who we surround and align ourselves with has a huge influence on who and what we become. The same way running with the “wrong” crowd can get us into unnecessary trouble, rolling with the right crew … Continue reading “Live On Purpose” Challenge Day 5: Who’s On Your Team? Get your squad up!

The Cycle: On the Ray Rices We Know

Originally posted on Teri Carter's Library:
Apparently the easiest way to start blogging again is to say you’re done blogging.  Kind of like writing.  Kind of like running.  Kind of like everything.  Last time I said “I’m done with men!” I got married.  See how it works? Anyway.  Yesterday.  The whole Ray Rice video thing.  And here I am. ________________ When I was 16, my… Continue reading The Cycle: On the Ray Rices We Know

The Art of Manifesting Your Dreams

“All of us have within us this amazing capacity to manifest and attract anything we want into our lives,” – Dr. Wayne Dyer Ever wonder why some people seem to walk around with a dark cloud hovering over them and others appear to bring their own sunshine wherever they go? While one group tends to be generally unhappy, finds things to complain about, and nothing … Continue reading The Art of Manifesting Your Dreams

The importance of journaling…

I have been journaling since I was a teenager. There’s something about documenting one’s feelings, thoughts, and daily activities that has always been appealing to me. For me, journaling has always been my outlet for reflection. I enjoy documenting my life and then re-visiting that day 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year from the original entry date. It allows me to see how far … Continue reading The importance of journaling…

50 Years of Change: Taller Americano Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Historic Speech

Tonight I got the opportunity to perform at an event @ The Alexis Grady Gallery celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic I Have a Dream speech. I cannot seem to find the right words to express how grateful and humble I feel to have been a part of that event. The works on exhibit were in one word, captivating. 3 … Continue reading 50 Years of Change: Taller Americano Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Historic Speech

You Are A Masterpiece

“You are carrying a masterpiece hidden within you, but you are standing in the way. Just move aside, then the masterpiece will be revealed. Everyone is a masterpiece, because God never gives birth to anything less than that. Everyone carries that masterpiece hidden for many lives, not knowing who they are and just trying on the surface to become someone. Drop the idea of becoming … Continue reading You Are A Masterpiece

“I’m Sorry”: Have these 2 words lost their value?

These are two small words made up of 7 letters in total but the power of these words is amazing. I think I once heard somewhere (probably in a movie) that love means never having to say you’re sorry. This could be farther from the truth in my opinion and obviously a Hollywood misconception. Continue reading “I’m Sorry”: Have these 2 words lost their value?

What Came First the A$$hole or the B!tch?

I think much can be said about relationships between men and women. Some women say that behind every bitch there’s an a-hole that made her that way and men argue that behind every a-hole there’s a bitch that made him that way. This argument is like trying to decide which came first, the chicken or the egg. In order to gain some understanding about the interactions between the opposite sex I think it’s important to look at how it all began.

Ever since the days of Adam and Eve when Eve coaxed Adam into eating the fruit of the forbidden tree it seems like women have had some sort of power over men. Eve was tricked by the serpent (obviously because we don’t listen and think we know it all) into taking a bite of the apple and she then convinces her husband into taking a bite. The Bible tells us that as a result of succumbing to the temptation, God banishes Adam and Eve from Eden, and they and their descendants are destined to live lives of hardship. God tells Adam that he will earn his bread only through hard labor and sweat while Eve is made subject to her husband and condemned to the pangs of childbearing. All of this, because neither Adam nor Eve listened to what they they were told.

Here we are, thousands of years later and it seems like much hasn’t changed between men and women. Or has it?? Women now-a-days boast of their newly acquired independence, they are now educated, and earning as much or more than their male counterparts. Women are taking care of themselves and their families and no longer play the role of damsel in distress waiting to be saved by Prince Charming. They are mothers, wives, business women, and president of the PTA. Others have taken control of their sexuality and have no problem with promiscuity, sleeping with a man on the first date, stripping, or any of the so-called things that used to be ta-bu in society. We have women leaking sex tapes just for 5 minutes of fame and celebrity. In today’s world nothing is off limits. Women have taken control of their lives and are loving it.

However, with this new found independence comes a new attitude, it’s what some may call bitchiness. Most women will argue that in order to get respect or to be treated equally by men they have to resort to being bitches. Playing the nice role no longer works when it comes to love. Women are tired of being taken for granted, not being appreciated, putting their all into a relationship to only get cheated on or disrespected. Women have now taken the reigns and are steering their own course in life and love. But what happens to the nice guy that comes across this type of no-holds barred woman? The type of woman that is tired of getting played so has now decided to start playing the game herself. Does the nice guy give his all to only get burned in the process? Is this the point that nice guys turn into assholes? All it takes is one heartbreak, that one relationship where you have committed to giving your all to only not get the same in return. This can go both ways because I honestly feel that no one starts out as a bitch or an asshole but only becomes one after that one bad heartbreak. We vow to never get hurt like that again and the only way to ensure that doesn’t happen is by becoming “the bitch” or “the asshole”.

They often say that nice guys finish last but I think the older one gets the less true that statement becomes. When you’re young you accept and deal with more b.s. than you would when you get older. For instance, men now-a-days feel like they don’t have to work at trying to impress a woman. They no longer believe in “courting” you. There is no longer dating, where they come to your house, pick you up, and open the car door for you. Instead, it’s more like meet me at this spot, we’ll hang out for a few, hook up afterward, and then you can find your own way home. They have this “I don’t care” type of attitude because women, with their new found independence, allow it. They see nothing wrong with this type of arrangement except that by allowing this type of treatment the man will never really respect you. I am all for female empowerment but you have to believe in your own self-worth before a man will believe in you. There’s nothing wrong with being independent and powerful and proud but don’t allow those things to change you so much that you jeapordize your reputation.

Women go out with the idea of who they’re going to hook up by the end of the night. They make it so easy for men that a man doesn’t even have to intitiate the first contact. Women are now as agressive as men used to be and often become the ones chasing after the man. But what happens to the nice girl? The girl that expects to be treated with respect and courtesy? Do these new independent bitches ruin it for them? I would say yes because men will automatically assume that all women are bitches and treat them all the same and in the process lose out on a potentially good woman.

In today’s day and age everyone is out to play the game but who really wins in the end? Ultimately, we’re just going to end up having a bunch of bitches and assholes and in that type of situation everybody loses.

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