Kanye Does It Again!

Septmber 14, 2009



By now, I don’t think anyone is surprised by some of the stunts that Kanye is capable of pulling. He is probably one of the few celebrities that isn’t afraid to tell it how is, even if it means taking the shine away from a 17 yr. old country singer on her very first VMA award.

Kanye’s antics last night were uncalled for and even though I think he said what most people were thinking what he did was wrong, disrespectful, and childish. I for one thought that the best female award should have went to Beyonce or Lady Gaga but despite my opinion, Taylor Swift was the winner and she should have been given the opportunity to accept her award. The poor thing stood there confused and hurt as she listened to Kanye tell her that “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time”. I guess Kanye was right because Beyonce won the biggest award of the night, Video of the Year. Kanye should have just been patient.

 large_taylor-swift-neyonce-mtv-video-music-awardsAs for Taylor Swift, she was finally given the opportunity to enjoy her “moment” when Beyonce called her to the stage upon receiving her moon man for “Single Ladies”. Hmmmm. I wonder how Kanye felt when Beyonce graciously stepped back and let Ms. Swift give her acceptance speech.

I love Kanye as an artist (hence Ms808nHartbreak) but sometimes he just doesn’t have a clue. For a man that was raised surrounded by education he clearly missed a few lessons in manners and sportsmanship. What a sore loser, even when it isn’t him losing. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Shame on you Kanye.

What do you all think about Kanye’s actions???

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