J.Lo Appears On SNL

This weekend Jennifer Lopez served as both host and musical guest for the New York based Saturday Night Live. After seeing her skits this weekend I’m thinking Ms. Jenny from the block may have a future in comedy because the skits were hilarious. Her singing career however should be retired. Sorry J.Lo I l love you but you can’t sing to save your life. In … Continue reading J.Lo Appears On SNL

What Would You Do If Someone Hurt Your Child???

Earlier this week, Oprah gave her viewers a first hand look into the mind of child molesters. They talked about why they do it, how they do it, and who they choose as their victims.  It was an eye opening show that I suggest anyone with children in their home watch (Oprah Talks to Child Molesters) as it shed some light into the dark and dysfunctional … Continue reading What Would You Do If Someone Hurt Your Child???

Pre-School Kids Spoof MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’

January 22, 2010   As if the original characters of MTV’s Jersey Shore aren’t funny enough, a group of pre-school children decided to make their own version of the MTV hit. The reality show, which just concluded its first season, is set in Seaside Heights, NJ and documents a group of 8 Italian American young adults’ spending the summer at the shore. The show has … Continue reading Pre-School Kids Spoof MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’

Make It Rain

The art form of stripping has been an element of entertainment and pop-culture  for a very long time. Stripping or the strip tease dates back to the late 19th century when theatre, cabaret and vaudeville were at their height of popularity, and burlesque emerged as a new form of entertainment. Although stripping still exists, the nightclub stage act known as the striptease faded from popularity in … Continue reading Make It Rain

The BET Awards Remembers Michael Jackson

The world of music tuned in yesterday to see how BET would commemorate the greatest entertainer of all time. With the unexpected death of Michael Jackson on Thursday, June 25, 2009 BET execs had only 3 days to revamp the show and put together an event that celebrated the life and music of the legendary music icon. Continue reading The BET Awards Remembers Michael Jackson

Whitney Opens Up About Life With Bobby, Drug Abuse, & More….

In her most open and candid interview to date, Whitney Houston opens up with a no holds barred interview yesterday on Oprah Winfrey’s 24th season premiere. Throughout the years we have seen Whitney Houston at her highest high and at her lowest low. At her highest she was one of the world’s best voices and respected artist. At her lowest we have seen her fall victim to fame, celebrity, and all the evils that come with being in the public eye. Through it all one thing that never changed was that she always stood by her man.

Continue reading Whitney Opens Up About Life With Bobby, Drug Abuse, & More….