Kanye Apologizes To Taylor on Leno Show

September 15, 2009

kanyeonjaylenoAfter receiving much criticism and back lash from the entertainment industry and fans I think Kanye has finally realized that his actions on Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards were uncalled for. Not only did he take away Taylor’s moment but he disappointed alot of fans and collegues by his actions. Regardless of his personal opinion about who deserved the award the fact remains that Taylor was the winner. Mr. West had no right to take that achievement and moment from her. As an artist, he should know how hard it is to get recognition in the music industry. Here is his public apology to Taylor on The Jay Leno Show. What do you all think about it?

3 thoughts on “Kanye Apologizes To Taylor on Leno Show

  1. Kanye knew exactly when and who to get cute with,try that with one of my folks he’d be found in the third row looking for his teeth.
    Another thing I don’t respect is after his appology he starts crying and talking about his problems and how his poor Mom passed just stop. At the end of the day your a man just appologize and move along accepted or not u had your reasons and that’s why u did it MAN UP!!!!


    1. I think Kanye just does things to get attention. He’s like a 5 yr old kid. And I agree with you, he wouldn’t try that with someone his own size. He’s far from a gangsta.


  2. There was no reason behind it, that’s what made it even worst. Because of his actions, this is why us “minorities”, will constantly have to be at a defense. Doesnt he know that one bad apples always spoils it for the rest. There is no justification for his actions, he just wanted to score some points with J and B, but it bit him in the ass. My opinion….


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