J.Lo Appears On SNL

This weekend Jennifer Lopez served as both host and musical guest for the New York based Saturday Night Live. After seeing her skits this weekend I’m thinking Ms. Jenny from the block may have a future in comedy because the skits were hilarious. Her singing career however should be retired. Sorry J.Lo I l love you but you can’t sing to save your life.

In addition to her skits, Jennifer performed live one of her new singles off of her upcoming album due to be released this April.

Don’t get me wrong I love J.Lo as much as the next latina but after hearing this performance it has only confirmed my opinion that she CAN NOT sing and it’s no wonder that Sony Records has parted ways with the singer/actress/dancer.

Considering that she is married to one of the BEST latin singers in the game, I’m surprised that her hubby hasn’t told her what the rest of the world seems to know. SHE CAN’T SING. She needs to put down the mic and re-focus her career on what made her famous to begin with. While she may have many talents, singing just isn’t one of them. Here’s a friendly word of advice from one latina to another, “Jenny, stick to acting and let Marc do the singing”.

But here are a couple of the skits and also her live performance. Let me know what you think about her performance. Pay special attention around the 2:55 to 3:15 mark that’s when she tries to hit the high notes. SMH.

J.Lo Sings Live

The one below is my favorite. The actors don’t speak much but if you’ve ever seen a spanish novela you’ll know that’s what makes this skit so hilarious. I loved it.

We Are The World Part 3

Personalized car horns (what would yours sound like? lol)

One thought on “J.Lo Appears On SNL

  1. wow… She really should stick with acting…. Does anyone really buy her music… I don’t know who’s worse JLo or Kim from housewives of Atlanta….WTF Don’t Be Tardy for the Party…ohooohoo…lmao
    2 seconds ago ·


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