Blame It On The Alcohol…

no_drunk_texting_B2_RGBWe all at one point or another have fallen victim to drunk texting or drunk dialing. Drunk texting for those not familiar with the term, is the act of texting your loved ones, friends, ex’s, potential bf’s/gf’s, etc. while under the influence. Before text messaging one would usually drunk dial but both scenarios are equally humiliating and most times regrettable.

It appears that alcohol somehow gives you the power to say and do things that in your right mind you would never do. Kanye said it best:

“Now I’m drunk texting, like its all about you,

Like I cant spend, another minute without you
You know the drinks let you say things you ain’t allowed to”

That is exactly what happens, alcohol somehow gives us new found courage or miraculously temporarily brainwashes us. The problem with texting while drunk is that when you’re doing it you don’t really realize it until after it’s too late. Somehow when you’re in that state of euphoria and alcoholic bliss you seem to forget that you caught your boyfriend cheating via his facebook account and is why you’re no longer together.

The alcohol clouds your memory and before you know it you’re sending him a message for either a booty call or you’re telling him how much you miss him.  Worst yet, you mistakenly send a message to your dad telling him how much you miss feeling his tender kisses all over your body (ugh talk about disgusting). Whatever the scenario, drunk texting is always a big mistake.

No one plans on drunk texting and in fact the night starts off like any other. You put on your hottest outfit, sexy heels, a little make-up, meet up with your friends and your ready for your night of fun to begin. Except that when you wake up the next morning you either find yourself in a compromising position with someone you really didn’t mean to hook up with or your inbox reads “20 new messages” because whoever you drunk texted has now responded to you.  I’ve had friends get back together with loser boyfriends because of the drunk text. I’ve at times texted things to people that under normal sober circumstances would never have sent. The alcohol takes over and there’s no way of controlling what happens next. Or is there???

It seems that hope to end this epidemic is in the horizon. Two Wharton MBA students have received funding for their “NoText” business venture. According to NoText founders, Harry Kubiak and Roger Barry, they have created a protoype of a new cell phone application that will prevent texting to certain numbers after a specified time. The way it works is that you program the list of numbers that you don’t want to call after a specific time and the application prevents the phone from dialing those numbers. The application almost acts as a firewall protecting you from getting burned once you cross the dreaded threshold of the drunk text.

Although this may be a good idea how many of you think that this will work? Can an app really prevent you from sending those dreaded text messages? Because we all know that where there’s a will there’s a way. ♥



Beri, R. (2007), Innovation prevents damaging effects of drunk texting, The Wharton Journal, Retrieved from


One thought on “Blame It On The Alcohol…

  1. That was really great. I remember those olden days, before I sobered up. The thing I can’t figure out about drunk texting would be how can one do it. Those little keys are difficult enough when sober, they must get very tiny and confusing if one was drunk, not to mention seeing double. Cute article.


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