By Vanessa Quiles


Didn’t matter that our basis began faceless.
For I was enamored off of the language he spat in phrases.
Never was I played with.
Instead, he taught me how to dance, to the cadency of his rages!
Grabbed the pen from my hand and
scribbled life back onto my blank pages.

Damn his love…..contagious!
At times I’ll sit alone, retrace thoughts like fingers and I moan.
Your body, fine body, map of my home!
Can’t deny that it’s you, that it’s you that holds the throne.
Power to take me from a blazing fire, to an arctic zone!
So far from a childish crush, this here love is full grown!
Hate the part of you that makes me feel like I could never be alone!
Then I remember that the basis, that began as faceless
Now has a name…I call him love.♥




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