My Stilettos

 I love my shoes like any other woman

A slave to what’s trendy,

Fendi, Gucci, & Louboutins

I’ll admit I’m a victim too

But there’s more to me than a sexy shoe

Don’t be fooled by my pretty face

The way that I strut

Or the size of my waist

The way that my hair flows down my back

Or the sound of my heels as they go click clack

I am woman born to birth life into anything I touch

Not just from my body but from the inner depths of my mind

That once inside can never be too much

You drown yourself in my delectable delicacies

But don’t be fooled

I am much more than what the eye can see

I have depth that goes far beyond your reach

But you must be willing to search for the treasure

That lies within my sea

And while my stiletto shoes sure do make my legs sexy

They are only a distraction for those with

Limited visibility

To see my true beauty you must search beyond the shell

It’s like searching for heaven because you’ve

Already been thru hell

You see, my true beauty doesn’t reside in a 5 inch heel

They only make me stand taller, stronger,

and make me more confident in my appeal

I am a woman of substance

So intoxicating is my mind

That once around me you leave

All else behind

Let go of all these human fallacies

We are the mothers of mankind

Do we not soothe our babies and their cries

With so much power within us

Let go of that which hinders us

This unrealistic desire to be that which is desired

Are we not worth more than our designer labels?

Let our true beauty be admired

We’re whores to fashion but at what cost

The price is our pride, egos, and self-worth

We forsake these things when we define ourselves

by that which we find on a department store shelf

There is so much more to me

Than what your eye can see

And not with presents

But with presence of what you

Know to be true

That my true beauty does not

Reside in a shoe.

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