When It Comes To Love Can We Choose Who We Fall In Love With?

As humans we are born with the gift of choice! From the time we are children, we begin to grow into ourselves. We do this by choosing which toys we like to play with the most, which friends we like best and even which foods we eat.

As we grow older our choices demand greater contemplation. With age comes the realization that what we choose today, may haunt us tomorrow. I always find it funny when people say “You can’t choose who you fall inlove with, it just happens.” I believe that to be untrue. We do choose!

Throughout the course of a courtship or relationship with someone, we all choose what we like or dislike about them. We have the choice to either stay and accept the flaws or to continue in search of the one that may better suit our tastes. As adults we have a critical inclination to choose the people that fit into the realm of the life we want to be a part of. The dreams we’ve built for ourselves and the social designs we’ve created. We do choose!

How sad that we don’t often choose the person we can really truly love. Instead we choose a format. We find someone to share life with, that can easily adjust and form to our own way of life. Just like pieces to a puzzle!



By Vanessa Quiles

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