First-Date Sex:: Is there a double standard?


I think anyone who is an adult has had “First Date Sex”. Regardless of the level of respect we have for ourselves, I think at least once, we have all been swept away in a steamy moment. Now, does this qualify as a bad move?

I think it does in regards to the role a woman plays. Though we feel we are mature enough to get passed a man judging this sort of situation, it still happens. No matter the circumstance or vibe we created as two consenting adults, men still have the gall to form an instant opinion about us.

So, the question is, “If a woman waits to have sex does it make her a better candidate for an eventual relationship?”  Couldn’t it be that she is just tricking the man, into thinking that?

We as woman are already subject to the way men think and know that he will DEFINITELY have more respect for us if we wait. Then there are women who are decent and who get cast aside automatically, because of one intense night of passion. Mind you it takes two, and he obviously did the same thing. But do we judge men in spite of that? I don’t think most woman do. Why is it fair for men?

Is this something that men are taught as children? Do their fathers pull them aside at some point, when explaining the “birds and the bees?” And say, “Hey by the way, if a girl screws you too fast she is a whore and by no means settle down with this female.”

I find it hilarious that men fall victim to this misconception. I mean to each his own, but should this matter really reflect on how we view a person? And, a potential relationship? All I can say is I find it very ignorant and narrow-minded.


By Vanessa Quiles

One thought on “First-Date Sex:: Is there a double standard?

  1. Hi Vanessa,

    1st of all wish you a very happy new year.

    Thanks for sharing this , yes you are right , its ones own choice judging people on the basis of this completely wrong and reflect their narrow-mindedness.

    There is always one who take the lead its ok ..but it depends more on understanding than other …

    Moreover , this trend is catching ..I wonder why the genx it getting into it.
    1st date won’t go this way (getting intimate ) here where I live , but who knows ,, its all in the moments.

    Nice post and blog.

    Take care.
    KS 🙂


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