Rape Victim, 14, Dies After Public Flogging in Bangladesh

I am hardly ever shocked by stories that I see on the news or read in the newspaper or online. The reality is that we live in a world that is marred by self interest, crime, and heartache. It isn’t often that we hear or see good stories on the news and the story that I am going to share with you below not only broke my heart but also enraged me.

Sometimes as a result of living in the United States we lose sight of some of the atrocities that occur in other parts of the world. While they may seem unfathomable to us, to those citizens in those parts of the world stories like the one below are all too common and a part of their daily reality.  While surfing the web I came across this story on AOL.com and I wanted to share it if for no other reason than to bring awareness because young girls and women need to stop being mistreated, disrespected, and punised by the men in their communities who are more representative of wild animals than of human beings.


“A 14-year-old Bangladeshi girl allegedly raped by a much older cousin has died after being publicly flogged for adultery, media reports said.

Hena Begum was sentenced to receive 100 lashes by a village council made up of elders and Muslim clerics in the district of Shariatpur, about 35 miles from the capital, Dhaka, the BBC said today.

She endured about 80 lashes before collapsing Monday, according to The Daily Star, a Bangladeshi newspaper. Her family took her to a hospital, where she died.

“What sort of justice is this? My daughter has been beaten to death in the name of justice. If it had been a proper court then my daughter would not have died,” Dorbesh Khan, the girl’s father, told the BBC.

Family members said Hena was raped by a 40-year-old married cousin, The Daily Star said. The man’s family beat up the teen, then accused of her adultery, the newspaper said.

The very next day, she was sentenced to the flogging in a fatwa, or religious ruling, issued by the village council under Islamic Shariah law, the BBC said.

Sponsored LinksHer father was also told pay a fine of about $700, police told the BBC.

Four people, including a Muslim cleric, have been arrested in connection with Hena’s death, the BBC said. Police said they were looking for another 14 people in the case.

Bangladesh’s high court has ordered district officials in Shariatpur to explain why they did not protect the girl, The Daily Star said. The court ruled eight months ago that Shariah punishment was illegal.

In December, a 40-year-old woman in Rajshahi district died after she was publicly caned for allegedly carrying on an affair with her stepson.”

The story can be retrieved at: http://www.aolnews.com/2011/02/03/bangladeshi-girl-dies-after-public-flogging/

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