The Beauty of Sisterhood

Last night I had the oportunity to spend the evening with a beautiful woman. Not only is she physically beautiful but she is spiritually beautiful. For me she is the embodiment of love and I told her so. From the moment that I met her I felt a connection to her. A pure and genuine connection that can only be felt and not described. But if I had to describe I would say that it is the connection that you feel when you know that you were meant to know this person. 

We spent the evening talking, laughing, sharing stories of our past and sharing the dreams and hopes that we have for our futures. For me it was a spiritually touching experience because I’m at a point in my life where I am truly starting to appreciate the bond that women share. This year I have met some amazing women and have formed bonds with a few (she is one of them) that have surprised me because I haven’t known them long. But what I’ve learned is that when the love and appreciation is genuine those bonds don’t take long to form.

I intentionally surround myself with strong, positive, supportive women because I think that we need more of that. In a world and society where women are pitted against each other and forced to believe that everything is a competition I actively and purposely stay away from that way of thinking. I think we as women have so much more to offer to each other and to the world when we can unite and work together. I am on a journey of spiritual growth. I want to be a better person. I want to give to the world the best of me and so I don’t have time for the cattiness and negativity that some people love to embrace.

To all of my fellow women I say this, when you finally learn to love and care for yourself and nurture your desires and dreams that is when you release all negativity, jealousy, and hatred for another woman. When you are happy you have no time to focus on negativity.

I will continue to work on myself and work on building longlasting relationships with women for they are reflections of me and together we can all be great!

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Sisterhood

  1. “I intentionally surround myself with strong, positive, supportive women… in a society where women are pitted against each other and forced to believe that everything is a competition….”

    some of us worry too much about having the EYE ON THE PRIZE… never realizing that THEY ARE THE PRIZE they seek… so since we can’t change ALL womyn… we must focus on who WE ARE… and I am blessed to be surrounded by womyn like you~ LOVE


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