I am Brooklyn Bridge strong,

can’t nobody hold me down

Unless I let them…

I am Statue of Liberty tall

and I will not bow down

Just because you feel inadequate

I am the Caribbean sky dressed in

golden hues of ambition you wish you could lay under

A daughter of royalty

And so I shall act accordingly

I will NOT be a cheap Canal street

knock off of what others think I should be

I am the hottest car on the block

Fully loaded…but I am not for sale

I was BORN for a purpose

More than just that road

You think you can walk all over

The backbone to your existence

I was NOT created solely for your

Viewing pleasure

Although I am pretty

You will not define me by looks


2 degree holding

College educated

But well versed in street vernacular

So don’t get it twisted when I burn

You with my tongue…


the Susan B Anthony suffragette movement

and I will vote your ass right out of office

if you don’t treat me like

the queen that I am


Harriet Tubman salvation

Follow me and

I can get you to the Promised Land.

Take you back to the mother land

Back to where we are all one

Despite our skin tone

Back to where we don’t have to espeak de ingles

If we don’t want to


            I AM

La isla del encanto

La brisa acariciando tu piel

Yo Soy

Sueños realizado

Mis palabras mi munición en esta querra de identidad

Yo Soy

Las olas del mar

ven bañate en mi libertad

            Yo Soy

Las parrandas en las Navidades

escucha mi canción

            Yo Soy

Platanos maduros, chuleta fritas, arroz y habichuelas

Ven y alimentate en mí

            I AM

Food for your mind, soul, and spirit

500 hundred years in the making

Crafted to perfection

            I AM

What I say I am and I say that

I AM a Queen!

3 thoughts on “Queen

  1. I love that these are the first words that I wake up to today. “I am golden hues of ambition you wish you could lay under…. back to where we don’t have to espeak inlges… I AM 500 years in the making.” Beautiful.


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