Happy New Year

I can’t believe it’s a new year. 2011 seemed to go by so quickly.  So much has happened since my last blog post and I apologize that I haven’t posted anything since September. Shame on me. I am back and I am committed to posting at least one new blog a week. I will try to get back to my daily posting, but I’m so busy lately that it may be a little challenging.

First, let me start by telling you what I’ve been doing these past 3 months. As many of you know, in my last blog I was preparing for my first book release. The turnout was amazing. The room was full of love, positive energy, and individuals who all took time out of their day to support me. It’s amazing how when you set out to do something great the Universe somehow provides you with exactly what you need at that time. Needless to say I sold a lot of books and was able to re-connect with people that I haven’t seen in years. It was a truly memorable night.

During that same time, I also started a new job as the Associate Director of Operations of one of NYC’s public hospitals. Trying to adjust to a new position takes some time, but I’m finally starting to get into the swing of things. Additionally, I am slated to begin my first semester in the MFA in Creative Writing program that I was accepted into.  The New York City Latinas Writer’s Group workshops will also begin this month with me as one of the facilitators. There are so many good things in store for me this year and I am ready for whatever the Universe has to offer.

As we all embrace the new year let’s do so knowing that we are capable of doing anything that we set our minds to. Be great in all that you do and you will create greatness. Expand your mind, open your heart, and grab 2012 by the horns and run with it. Make this year YOUR year.

For more info on the New York City Latina’s Writers Group visit our FB page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/groups/81895133392/

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