The F.I.E.R.C.E Woman

FIERCE Woman 2014In April, I  launched the “Are you a F.I.E.R.C.E Woman campaign (Females Inspiring, Empowering, Recognizing, & Cultivating Evolution)” an initiative designed to promote female unity and empowerment  through positive reinforcement, focused intention, and daily reminders that:

“No one can do what you do better than you!”

The FIERCE Woman is a :

Female Inspiring, Empowering, Recognizing, & Cultivating Evolution

The evolution of herself and other fellow women. In a time where most women are conditioned to compete against one another and tear each other down, this campaign is focused on uplifting and building each other up. The FIERCE Woman is focused, determined, and knows that there is no competition when you’re doing what you have been uniquely gifted to do.

Be bold. Be fearless. Be FIERCE!

E-mail us at if you believe that you are a FIERCE woman tell us in 1-2 sentences why you’re FIERCE and submit  a high-resolution photo by March 24th to be featured in our on-line campaign.

For more info please visit our official website at The FIERCE Woman.

*By e-mailing us your photo and submission you are authorizing the use of your photo and words. Please note there is no compensation for participating in this campaign. This campaign is for awareness purposes only.

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