Power of the F.I.E.R.C.E Woman Brunch April 13, 2014

inviteAre you a F.I.E.R.C.E woman? Are you a:

Female Inspiring, Empowering, Recognizing, & Cultivating Evolution

Even the most timid of women have a power deep inside that’s ready to surface at any moment. Tapping into your own personal power can be an experience you’ve never imagined.

A F.I.E.R.C.E woman is ready to lead in her community, her professional, and her personal life. In a time where most women are conditioned to compete against one another and tear each other down, the F.I.E.R.C.E. woman is focused on uplifting and building each other up. She is committed, determined, and knows that there is no competition when you’re doing what you have been uniquely gifted to do. With confidence, dedication, and hard work you can accomplish anything.


Nancy Arroyo Ruffin, Author & Motivational Speaker

Wendy Angulo, Founder & CEO of Wendy Angulo Productions, &

Justine Hornedo, Teen Motivational Speaker

As they share their stories about what it takes to succeed and learn how they turned their obstacles into opportunities. Learn how you too can become the undeniably FIERCE Woman you are meant to be.

This will be an interactive discussion with specific areas of discussion to include:
•Learn how to create a personal vision for your life that gives you enthusiasm, passion and commitment.
•Learn why people get locked into behaviors that don’t serve them and how to overcome them through focused intention and positive thinking.
•Learn how to believe in the power of YOU
•Learn how to use your thoughts to create the exact emotions, behaviors, and results that you want.
•Learn how to differentiate (market) yourself in a competitive world
•Learn how you can lead and inspire others without them even knowing it
•Learn where to connect, engage, and develop powerful relationships

**Food and drink will be available for purchase**

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