The Mamí Chronicles: #ThingsMyKidSays

One of the many joys of being a parent to a toddler is witnessing their little brains in action. One never knows exactly what they’re thinking or what they will say at any moment. My daughter just turned 3 and one of my favorite things to do is listen to her speak and share her thoughts. I marvel at how bright she is, at her ability … Continue reading The Mamí Chronicles: #ThingsMyKidSays

My Ride on the A Train: Just Another Day in NYC

I’ve never been a fan of the NYC transit system. With its overpriced fares, overcrowded trains and constant service interruptions, I’d almost rather walk to where ever I have to go than ride the train. And I actually would, if I weren’t so lazy. The subway for me is like entering the fiery pits of hell. My skin begins to boil just thinking about it … Continue reading My Ride on the A Train: Just Another Day in NYC

Would You Just Shut Up Already!!!

“Would you just shut up already”…This is what I scream in my head every time my husband, Lamar, has had too much to drink or has had a long day and is extremely tired. Now, I know this sounds a little mean and heartless but anyone that has had to endure the agony of hearing a loved one snore knows exactly what I’m talking about. Continue reading Would You Just Shut Up Already!!!