The Mamí Chronicles: #ThingsMyKidSays

One of the many joys of being a parent to a toddler is witnessing their little brains in action. One never knows exactly what they’re thinking or what they will say at any moment. My daughter just turned 3 and one of my favorite things to do is listen to her speak and share her thoughts. I marvel at how bright she is, at her ability to reason and analyze situations, at how she unexpectedly catches me off guard with some of the things that she says.

At 3 years old she is very observant and pays attention to everything, which is why I’m starting to learn that I have to be very careful of what I say and do when in her presence.

Not too long ago I was driving in my car with my mom, my daughter was in the back sitting in her car seat when another car made an illegal turn and attempted to cut me off. Without thinking I shouted an expletive, “Where the fuck are you going?”, and forgetting that my little one was with me. Before I realized what I’d said, I hear my little one mimic me in the same tone I used. I turned around and said “No, you don’t say that honey. That’s a bad word.” She looked at me confused and then upon hearing my mom begin to laugh, she too started laughing. I tried to maintain my stern mommy face, but I also eventually succumbed to her cute face and started laughing too.

Now, I know that laughing at the situation only encourages them, but it was so hard keeping  a straight face. After I gathered my composure however, I did speak to her seriously and explained to her that the word I used was not suitable for a 3 year old to be repeating. After this incident I started paying more attention to what I say and do and also started paying more attention to what she says. What’s resulted is a string of Facebook status updates where I document all of the funny and amusing things this child says and I end them with the hashtag #ThingsMyKidSays. Kids do say the darnedest things and below I’ve listed some of my little ones most amusing thoughts. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do  And if your little one says things that leave you speechless and chuckling please post them below. I’d love to hear them.

Earlier today I was speaking to my friend Gerald on the phone. After I hung up with him I ordered food from the Spanish restaurant. Just now she takes my phone and pretends she’s talking. The following is her conversation:
Her: Hi Gerald. How you doing? I need some porkchops, chicken, yellow rice and beans. Ok. Thank you. (She hangs up)

My husband enters the bathroom as I am preparing hair dye to color my hair and in an effort not to curse says “That S-H-I-T stinks.” He spells out the word shit so that our little one won’t repeat. (Ha) She then goes: “That H-I-J-K stinks.” So much for that.

Laying in bed with my little one and she tells me, “I need the computer. I have to type something.” So, I ask her “What do you have to type?” She says “I have to type an email.” ‪#‎thingsmyKidsays

I’m giving my little one a bath as she’s playing with her dolls Dora and Doc McStuffins. She’s trying to sit them both on the edge of the tub. Doc sits successfully, but she’s having some trouble getting Dora to sit. After a couple of unsuccessful tries with Dora she sucks in her breath, looks at me and says “I can’t get Dora to sit, her booty’s too big.” ‪#‎ThingsMyKidSays

My husband calls her to the dinner table to eat dinner. “Let me park my car in the garage first”, she says to her father, in reference to her toy truck. ‪#‎ThingsMyKidSays


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