Struggling with identity: On the lies we tell and how we deal

I knew back then that Georgie was not going to grow up to be like the other boys. Georgie was different. Not because of anything he said, but because of how he acted and how delicately he carried himself. At 11 years old he was already in touch with the femininity that I wouldn’t embrace until I was 18. A self-proclaimed tomboy, I was tough and rough. I never felt the need to be glamorous or cute. Unlike my sister, who has always been very girly, my scrawny body would not be caught dead in a skirt or dress or shoes. I avoided them the way my toddler avoids the bath. I preferred jeans and Jordans. I enjoyed playing wiffle-ball and touch football, and manhunt. I was everything Georgie was not. While I could call myself a tomboy there wasn’t a word that I could use to describe Georgie. Continue reading Struggling with identity: On the lies we tell and how we deal

You Are More Than Good Enough

I have been quite busy lately. There are so many things going on; so many events, so many commitments, and not enough time to do it all. At least, that’s how I’ve been feeling. For starters, I am still trying to get used to my new professional role as an administrator at one of NYC’s public hospitals. I’ve been in my new role for about 5 months and … Continue reading You Are More Than Good Enough

Fall in Love With You…

“i found god in myself and i loved her. i loved her fiercely.”  – Ntozake Shange Most of us spend a great deal of our lives looking for love, chasing love, recuperating from love or complaining about love. Never realizing that in our quest for love we are neglecting the person that matters most.  Ourselves. I believe that as women we often disregard our own needs as a … Continue reading Fall in Love With You…

Intellectual Beauty

I am intellectually beautiful. My mind is my greatest asset. While most focus on their physical beauty, I concentrate on enriching my mind, spirit and soul because with time, even beauty fades.  Don’t be fooled by the media or by what society deems as beautiful. Those who only see physical beauty have not evolved enough to realize that there’s more to beauty than meets the … Continue reading Intellectual Beauty