The Mamí Chronicles

I wear many hats. I am a writer, poet, motivational speaker, health care professional, and all around business woman. But of all the roles that I have, the most important and most rewarding is being a mom and a wife. Nothing brings me greater joy than my daughter and my husband. It is because of their unconditional love and support that I can excel in the other areas of my life. They are my biggest inspiration and because they are such a huge part of my life this page will be where I share stories, essays, articles, and insights on being a mommy and a wife.

Women have this special way of balancing their professional and personal lives and although it it is not easy by any means, we still manage to make it work. Through my experiences I want to inspire other women to believe that they too can have it all, because we can.  I hope you enjoy the Mamí Chronicles and find some  insights in my words .


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