The Trump Aftermath and Why I Wish a Mother F*cker Would

i-wish-a-mf-wouldFirst, let me start by saying I’m not really sure why I’m writing this article except that I feel the need to vent. For the past week I’ve been walking around tense and with my emotions on 1000%.  It’s been a little over a week since Trump was elected President and since then, cities all over the country have been reporting increases in hate crimes. Whether it’s in a Miami Starbucks, a Baltimore classroom, or the streets of NY Trump supporters seem to think that a Trump win is a green light to talk out their neck and spew all types of hateful, racist rhetoric. It’s as if Trump winning the Presidency has suddenly given these disgraceful cowards the balls to let out all the hate and bigotry they’ve been forced to hide all these years.  It’s as if they’ve suddenly removed the waist trainer that has been holding in their fat piggish views and can finally breathe.

Let me tell you, that my social media feeds are overflowing with reports of hateful and racists acts that are occurring. Obviously these things are not new, but it seems that with Trump’s win every act of hate violence has been put under a microscope, as they should. I can’t look down any of my social news feeds without seeing some despicable, deplorable act being committed against a minority or a person of color. I cannot tell you the different levels of crazy I went through when I watched the video of the White Baltimore school teacher yelling at her Black students telling them that they’re going to grow up to be “niggers who will get shot”.

As a mother, that shit boiled my blood. As a mother of two Black little girls all I could think was “I wish a mother fucker would”. They do not want to see the levels I can take things to should any one of my family members ever be threatened, attacked, or made to feel unsafe. My face was getting hot every second that passed as I was watching the video. The audacity of this woman to think she could use her authority as a  teacher and her privilege as a White woman to  belittle, disrespect, and spew her hateful words at students she is paid to educate and empower. These people have lost their Gawd forsaking minds.

In Long Island it was reported that KKK flyers were left on cars. In other parts of the country Muslim women are being physically assaulted and having their hijabs pulled. It’s disgraceful that this man who has been elected as our next leader has inspired so many individuals to act so hideously. Where they do that at? Apparently here, the place we call home. The other day I came across a very racist Facebook post of someone who I once considered a friend; a person I at one time loved and had incredible respect for. This individual posted a Fox news video of protesters burning the American Flag with a caption that said and I’m paraphrasing “Let’s drop them all off at the border and see how they like it”. I went back to her Facebook page to quote her, but I couldn’t find the post. It seems as if she deleted it.

When I first saw her post I was shocked. In all the time we had been friends she never exhibited any of the recent views she now so openly shares on Facebook. It’s incredible how much confidence Trump has inspired in his followers. They no longer are afraid to be called racist or bigots. They no longer are afraid to say “send them back” loudly and proudly. They seem to mimic everything Trump says. It’s frightening, almost cult like. Trump supporters literally represent the worst traits in a person. To me they are comparable to savages and considering that the President- elect has yet to take office this is incredibly scary.

Since the election Trump has pigeon holed himself inside his Trump Towers luxury apartment seemingly trying to put together his transition team while pretending that he is clueless that these atrocious acts of hate are being committed.  Meanwhile people like me are walking around ready to pop off on anyone who even looks at me funny. Riding the subway has me looking at everyone suspect. I may be listening to my music on my iPhone and bopping my head to the beat, but in my head I’m wishing a mother fuck would say something crazy. I’m wishing a mother fucker would say something racist to somebody else while in my presence. I’m wishing a mother fuck would look at me and yell Trump, Trump, Trump like that man in the Miami Starbucks yelled at the barista.

In my mind I’ve already concocted scenarios and the different actions I would take depending on the encounter. This is some crazy ass shit. I mean seriously, who does this? But this is what I’ve succumbed to in this post election society I now find myself living in. My cousin posted on my Facebook page the other day that I’m suffering from P.T.T.G.E.D. (Post Traumatic Trump Got Elected Disorder). I’m starting to think he’s right.

2 thoughts on “The Trump Aftermath and Why I Wish a Mother F*cker Would

  1. I loved reading this. I read all your stuff, but this one got me. In all of the best kinds of ways. Keep venting, it’s exactly what leads to action. We’ll all keep screaming, and moving, and creating, and doing, and coming together, and we will endure. We have to. #NoDaysOff


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