Unconditional Love

motherNot everyone is lucky enough to have that special bond with the woman that gave them life and that nurtured and encouraged them. Sometimes the woman that gave you life may not be the same person that has committed to loving and taking care of you but that doesn’t make them any less your mom. I wrote this for my mom, my sister and all the mother’s that work tirelessly everyday to raise their children and devote their lives to their families because sometimes all that you do seems to go unnoticed.
You were the first person to love me, unconditionally with no pretenses or expectations. From the moment I came into your life I knew that I’d always be protected. Protected from the cruelty and harshness of the world, but also shown the happiness and beauty that lies within it. I learned to love because of you. You freely and selflessly give of yourself just to bring joy to others never expecting anything in return.
Growing up you were my rock, my footprints in the sand. You were there to pick me up and give a helping hand. Whenever I’d fall you’d wipe away my tears. You’d pull me close into your arms and assure me that I’d be alright. As I got older and became unsure of myself you would be there to encourage and motivate me. You have always been my cheerleader, my confidante, my best friend. And through the years you have inspired me to be the best. Your words of praise have always given me the confidence to pursue my dreams and without you mom there wouldn’t be any me.

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