Bad Hair Day or Beyonce’s New Look????

BeyonceThe past few days have been hazy, hot, and humid in the big apple. With 90+ degree temperatures and humidity that makes it feel like its in the 100’s even the best put together celebrity is going to feel the heat.

The pop diva was having an early dinner in NYC with her hubby and while the outfit was cute, as usual, the same couldn’t be said for her hair.  Beyonce who is usually flawless looked like she had a helmet head yesterday. Did her mirror break or did she just not look at herself before stepping out.

I hate to sound so cruel but we all know that while celebrities are human they do have an appearance to keep up. I love B and I think that she always looks beautiful. I guess that’s why I was so surprised to see this disaster. I really hope that hair faux pas was due to the hot weather we’ve been having and isn’t her new look. We love you B but please don’t ever wear this wig again!

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