Did Reggie Bush Cheat????

carmenortega1-210x300By now we have all heard about the Reggie Bush/Kim Kardashian break up and if you haven’t  heard I want to know what rock  you’ve been hiding under. The media blogs have been on fire lately now that the alleged other woman is speaking out.

Carmen Ortega, a Miami based model/stripper/professional escort (at least that’s what I heard) has come out alledgedly claiming that she was involved with Mr. Bush during the time that he was Kim. Carmen, who appeared on both Angela Yee’s Lip Service Radio show and Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg show is saying that she has proof in the form of text messages and an alledged sex tape of her affair with the football player. How true this is, is yet to be seen. However, if it is true and she does have proof then shame on Reggie. Most men would do just about anything to have just one night with the bootylicious Kim and yet the one man that has her can’t appreciate her. I guess I ‘m not surprised this sort of thing happens to the best of us and just because you’re famous doesn’t mean that you’re immuned from the hardships of love.

The thing that I can’t understand is that in this day and age with camera phones, twitpics, and every other form of technology that is readily available to detail one’s every move ,why would Reggie allow himself to fall into this trap. Nowadays everyone is trying to find the quickest way to celebrity and fame why would someone in the public eye such as Reggie Bush allow his jump off to video tape them while doing the nasty. Really Reggie are you that stupid or are you just like every other cheater and thought that you wouldn’t caught? I’m not really sure how true this rumor is but it was too good not to share. I guess we all have to stay posted to find out what happens next. Until next time smooches….

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