Relationships End: Get Over It

All everyone wants is to be loved. That’s why we spend most of our lives searching for that person that “completes” us. In that search, we experience some good relationships and we also experience some not so good relationships. In either case, the hope is that we learn something from the experience. However, what we can never get the hang of is dealing with a … Continue reading Relationships End: Get Over It

Did Reggie Bush Cheat????

By now we have all heard about the Reggie Bush/Kim Kardashian break up and if you haven’t  heard I want to know what rock  you’ve been hiding under. The media blogs have been on fire lately now that the alleged other woman is speaking out. Carmen Ortega, a Miami based model/stripper/professional escort (at least that’s what I heard) has come out alledgedly claiming that she … Continue reading Did Reggie Bush Cheat????