Love Hurts

KABOOM guess who stepped in the room

Method man was blazing as soon as that blow hit her face

She didn’t realize at first what hit her

Until she looked up and saw the knuckles attached to the hand

Attached to the body of that man

The man who swore he would love her forever

Take care of her and always hold her

The same hands that caressed her face

Whenever she was down or felt out of place

These where now the weapons of choice

Whenever she disagreed or let free her voice

He didn’t hold up to his part of the plan

Somewhere along the way he became a changed man

Instead of handling with care

He showed his love in the colors of black and blue

Black eyes and busted lips where often followed by “baby I love you”

His “baby I’m sorry’s” and his constant cries

Of “baby forgive me, without you I’ll die”

But it wasn’t himself he was killing with each constant blow

It was the light in her eyes, the love in her heart, and her fractured bones

You see, she politely obliged when he released his stress

She was his personal punching bag in high heels and a dress

He tried to make up with flowers and material things

But none of that could make up for the scars and the pains

The cracks in her spirit that could never be repaired

The bald spots in her head from the missing hair

The eyes of her children as they watched in despair

Or the fear in her eyes whenever he came near

He pounded and pounded until she finally let go

So tired from fighting, so tired from saying no

Her only sin was that she fell for him

But if given one more chance she’d fight to win

It was too late to start again

Cuz with that last blow it all came to an end

Now as she watched over her children from her grave

Oh how she wished that she could have been saved.

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