Chivalry: Does It Still Exist??

To my pleasant surprise I was in the company, of a very gallant suitor over the weekend. Not only was I impressed by his personality, but just the sheer enjoyment he seemed to have at courting me and spending time with me. So often, we are misled into thinking that great guys with old school morals aren’t out there. Last night, I found out there are real men who are willing to make a bigger impression than just spending their money on you. Or trying to hop into the sack!

I found myself, immersed in conversation that was titillating, open, and intellectual! Refreshing was more the word to describe it. And, it was great! As a woman living in the year 2010, I enjoy my right to independence. But, as we discussed last night, there is still much to be said for gender roles. Are we old fashioned or is it that some things never really change? Do women and men long for the days of old? Didn’t this make things a whole lot easier? At the risk of sounding extremely cliché, I really wouldn’t mind being whisked off one day by a handsome prince who wants to put me under his wing.

Nowadays, anything is better than a man who wants you to go dutch and goes through the door first, allowing it to smack you right on your ass as you’re attempting the sexy first date strut. So, which suits you better? Chivalry or 2010 dating?


By Vanessa Quiles
Originally posted 9/7/10

4 thoughts on “Chivalry: Does It Still Exist??

  1. In my experience, it goes unnoticed. I was raised in a tiny town where manners were still any everyday thing: no hats on in public buildings, stand up when a lady come from/to a dinner table, open car doors, etc. After I left most girls just thought it was weird.


    1. Well that is sad that most girls see being polite as being weird. I guess I’m just an old-fashioned girl who appreciates a man that holds a door open for me. I’d much rather a man do those things than not do them. It shows that they are polite and also respectful, 2 very important qualities.


  2. Nathan, I think you are right to some extent. While it has become the norm to not be chivalrous, I think that most “women” would notice when a man is being chivalrous and I think that most would appreciate it. I wish that most men would go against the norm and dare to be different. That’s the only way to set yourself apart from the rest. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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