Is Life Really Just a Big “What If”???

A friend and I were talking the other day about life and how our lives could be different had we made other choices.  From that conversation, I realized that life, for the most part  is just a series of decisions. The decisions that we make, in one way or another, form our experiences and in essence creates our lives.

When I was 19 yrs old I made a decision that I was going to join the Army. In hind sight it probably was a bad decision especially because it was a decision made without much thought other than I needed money to pay for college. At the time, I was rebellious and as a result my dad kicked me out of his house. Homeless and unemployed with no money, I was left with no other recourse but to go live with my grandmother.

I had just started college and never had the need to work up until then my dad had always provided for me. However, given the current situation I had to figure something out.  I decided that I would join the Army and have the government pay for my schooling. To make a long story short, I moved back home and didn’t have to join the Army. 

Nevertheless, I sometimes wonder how my life would have turned out had I joined the army and travelled the world. Would I still have met my husband or would I had met someone else, would I had ever fallen in love, or would I still be single. Sometimes I wonder what if I had gone through with my first engagement and not broken it off. Or how about if I had never befriended certain people. Or what if I would have pursued a relationship with one of my best friends that I met back when I first started college.

There are so many possible scenarios and ways that things could have turned out but if we alter those decisions that where made way back when, we inevitably alter our lives and our future. We would not be who we are today. I guess I’ll never know but it makes me wonder “What If”?  I think most of us wonder what our lives would be like if we had made other decisions throughout the course of our lives. Which leads me to ask, “Is life really just a big “What If”???”

Do you think your life would be better or worse had you made other choices in life?

2 thoughts on “Is Life Really Just a Big “What If”???

  1. Zaida,

    That’s a great comment. I for one am grateful for where I am in my life but you’re right for those that aren’t where they want to be yet they just need to be patient and continue on their journey. They will get there eventually. Glad you enjoyed the blog.


  2. This is definitely a topic that I’d have to say most of us have thought about at one time or another in our lives. Whether things are going bad or really great in our lives we might stop and say wow, What IF, i had taken another road. Where would I be? My personal belief, good or bad, we are exactly where we were meant to be. All our decisions,were us creating the path to our lives. So, if things are good, be grateful and if they aren’t, just believe that you’re still walking down your path. Great Blog! xoxoxox


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