He Is…The Love of My Life

I  have been loved, admired and adored, but I have never been loved they way he loves me. The way he looks at me, the way he holds me. He puts my life into persepective. His love is so honest and so genuine. I, to him, am his life. I am the only woman that will be in that place of his heart. He holds me so high on a pedastal, no one can knock it down. No one is capable of changing his mind of me, no matter what I do, no matter what happens between us. He has the love that encompasses all of me. I’ve never known love like this. A love, where you look at him and you ache cuz you can’t get any closer than you are at that moment – but you wish you could… His hands cup your face and he looks straight into you and says “I Love You” and you melt. You’re at his disposal and he knows it… He was born to be with you… You find yourself asking God, why it took so long to bring him into your life and how you lived so long without him… My career, My material things, My life means nothing without him…

He is my purpose, He is my son…


By Justine Hornedo

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