Letters To My Daughter Is An International Latino Book Awards Finalist

In January of this year I self published my second book, through my own publishing house, CreativeInk Publishing. When I wrote Letters to My Daughter I knew that it was going to be a book worth recognizing because I put my heart into writing that book. As a virtually new mother (my daughter is 19 months old), I wanted to leave her legacy that she … Continue reading Letters To My Daughter Is An International Latino Book Awards Finalist

Asphalt Dreams (on Palmetto Street)

   A tree grows in Brooklyn and so did my dreams on the cracked asphalt of tenement building stoops a flower trying to break through but roses don’t bloom here that’s what I was told Never believing that I could ever see a world beyond my periphery struggling with tunnel vision I watch passersby and they watch me, holding my baby close, never expecting me … Continue reading Asphalt Dreams (on Palmetto Street)

System Failure (4/30)

  I remember azzure blue simplicities before impressions and tones and presences were overlaid by memories. Memories of innocence, of loved ones of high school graduations that will never take place. Scattered remnants of those tentative first life impressions that no longer exist.  The morning paper reports realities of murdered children who wore hoodies and craved skittles and iced tea. Whose only crime was being at the wrong … Continue reading System Failure (4/30)

My Grandmother’s Hands

My grandmother’s hands have massaged tired limbs and weary hearts they have cleaned homes, swept floors, toiled grass roots in cemented lands laid bricks and mortar that paved the road to freedom. My grandmother’s hands have coddled bodega lotto dreams like her new born child they are lamb’s wool on the naked skin of future generations. My grandmother’s hands have clasped arctic tenement floors shielding 5 … Continue reading My Grandmother’s Hands