Soul Colored Love

The sun shone bright on her skin. It penetrated deep within her pores warming up her soul just like his kiss used to. Stimulating parts within her that she didn’t even know existed. This was love. Hot, steamy, intoxicating; lost in her own thoughts on a cloud so high that she never wanted to come down. She floated in and out of his love, always being brought back to that very same place, his heart. He was her negative to her positive and they attracted like magnets. They met by chance but loved by choice. He was everything she never wanted and she was everything he never thought he needed. They closed their eyes to their reality, only living in the moment and depth of their love. Like oceans abound they got lost in the waves. The current so strong and neither one wanted to let go; the attraction inevitable, the love impenetrable. The conflagration of their souls burned eternal and they always found each other back at the very same place, their hearts.

3 thoughts on “Soul Colored Love

  1. Beautifully written. You did a good job capturing the emotions of an undying love that clearly can never be. Passion & love truly do burn eternal.


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