Visit to my Sister’s House: (Part 2: Okay Papi?!?!)

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Anyone that knows my sister, knows that she is a label obsessed, name chasing groupie. She likes the finer things in life and thankfully her and her husband can afford it. She spends hundreds of dollars on Christian Louboutin shoes, LV hand bags, Gucci, Chanel and Prada shades. Her kids are dressed in head to toe Burberry, Juicy, and every other expensive label there is. My oldest niece wants her own Louis bag, and she’s only 6. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this, I was the same way before I bought my house. But now that I have a mortgage to pay I can’t buy those things as easily and as freely as I would like to. During my visit yesterday the following occurred:

When we arrived at Diana’s house, I helped her unpack the groceries. As she began preparing dinner (baked ziti, cesar salad, and garlic bread) I sat at the table to keep her company. I was working on my blog when Johanny arrived from work. He greeted us and once he settled in he joined us in the kitchen. We began talking about our day. He gave me some suggestions on my book, we were basically catching up.

While Johanny and I were talking, Diana was serving dinner. As she begins placing the plates on the table she tells me about this new Louis bag that she wants. My sister needs a new Louis bag like she needs another head and Johanny has no problem telling her so. The problem is that although Johanny tries to keep his hands on the purse strings (no pun intended), Diana always manages to get what she wants. Johanny’s pleas of trying to get Diana to stop spending money don’t often succeed because although he has every intention to sticking to his word he always gives in.

For example, take this recent desire for Diana wanting a new purse. Johanny initially told her no she couldn’t buy it. After a couple of “pretty pleases”  and a little negotiation he gives in.

Diana: Honey I saw this new Louis bag that I want to get.

Johanny: No, Diana. We already spend too much money and you have enough bags.

Diana: Please honey. It’s a new style and I don’t have this style.

Johanny: No Diana.

Diana: Please honey. I’ll cook dinner for you every day.

Johanny: Hmmmmm. Let me think about it.

Diana: Pretty please.

Johanny: How about you cook every day plus give me “O-kaaaaaay Paaa-piiiiiii” 5 times a week for 10 minutes straight (Okay Papi: use your imagination to determine what this can possibly be lol. And when saying it, emphasize the 2nd syllable of each word) .

Diana: Damnnnn. 5 days a week for 10 minutes?? (She scratches her head and thinks about it for a minute). How about I cook everyday, give you “okay papi” 3 times a week for 7 minutes straight.

Johanny: Ummm (contemplating it for a few seconds) Ok. That’s a deal.

Now, keep in mind, I’m sitting there at the dinner table while dinner is being served listening to this negotiation going on. I almost wanted to die from hysteria. What can I say, this is normal for this family. But it made me think about marriage/relationships and how the dynamics of a relationship change once you’ve said those two magical words “I do” or move in with someone. 

What negotiation techniques would you use to get something that you really wanted?

8 thoughts on “Visit to my Sister’s House: (Part 2: Okay Papi?!?!)

  1. So that’s what it takes to get Christian Louboutin shoes and LV bags….hmmm I’m going to try it with Miguel…lol, Nice blog Nancy.


  2. OMG, I can’t believe you really wrote about this, but one has to do what one has to do. I am a good wife
    and great mother. I take care of my home and my
    children, while still working a full-time job.
    I deserve every Louis I get! lol There is
    nothing wrong with a little negotiation, it keeps us
    both HAPPY 🙂


    1. Yes, you are a great wife and mother. Both the kids and Johanny are very lucky to have you and that’s why I feel he should just get you the bag. All that negotiating is just a waste of


  3. That was more info than I needed to know about my friends 🙂 However, I am goign home to try it at home to see if I can get a new computer


    1. Yes in her defense, I would agree. She is an extremely generous person. One of the most generous people that I know 🙂


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