Are We Really Just “Friends”?

So, what’s the hoopla with the term “FRIEND”? It seems that practically the whole world has fallen victim to this epidemic. It’s a circumstance of denial and untruth. This word is now an easy pretense to putting true meaning to what a relationship might really be.

It appears that “friend” has been substituted for – Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Mistress, Ex, and any other imaginable un-platonic connection we have with someone. This terminology has made unacceptable actions in “certain situations” acceptable. We all use the phrase so loosely, that it permits anyone to disrespect or be disrespected without having the right of getting offended or pissed off.

Fair? Maybe not! Where did this God awful word come from and why? I hear tales everyday due to this word. Men and woman are going around hurting each other with permission! Unbelievable! Yet, we all tolerate it. Embrace it even.

For woman I think it’s more a fact of liberation. We suppose that if we act nonchalant, it must mean we’re just as aloof as men in these situations. For men -well, I think this is what the majority of them have been waiting for.  Women who want to play the game as well, accept their promiscuity, and have no desire to lock them down.

So, is it true that all is fair in love and war? Or have we as a people become so detached from hurt and humiliation that we can’t honestly face our emotions? Do we run from expressing how we really feel, in fear that we might appear weak? I mean really? Have we become that shallow or are we all just a bunch of emotional punks?


By Vanessa Quiles

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