Marriage:: Is It Something We Really Want?

Marriage. Growing up I always believed that was where I would be at this age; happily committed to someone, who would love me unconditionally. Now, a week shy of 25 years old, I realize that it is one of the least important things on my to-do list. When did this happen? Was it in between all of the foul relationships or all of those hilarious and humiliating dates? Maybe it was when I thought it was actually in my grasp and I got scared. Then the inevitable question arises…”Was it just that the person I was with was wrong for me?” It could have been. But, I do know suddenly I am in no rush to ruin my freedom. Do I risk sounding jaded if I said love is played out? Maybe. But better safe than sorry. Depending on how this sacred union is viewed, it can be a fortunate or unfortunate thing that times have changed.

Think back to the 1950’s when most of our parents were born (if you’re a 70’s or 80’s baby).  It was almost etched in stone that our mothers would remain virgins until they got married.  And our fathers would basically marry the first girl that they fell in love with.

Now, think of us and compare. It’s almost as if we’re unleashed animals. LOL Women now double book dates, have their own very hefty bank accounts and move out of their parents homes right after high school. Men are driving the latest cars, making six figures while still in college and owning their own businesses.

With that being said, is it really that we don’t want marriage in this day and age? Or is everyone so busy, that they just can’t find the time for it?


By Vanessa Quiles

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