Poem: Public Service Announcement

Life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness can only be found in books our youth cannot access. It is not our fault that you cannot read. War is expensive, education, the price. Single mothers start saving up bail money. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. We are not responsible for what happens to you behind interrogation walls. Please sit quietly as we coerce you into a false confession. You are innocent, until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, except if you are Troy Davis. If we mistakenly execute you, please accept our sincerest apologies. Continue reading Poem: Public Service Announcement

Haikus (2/30)

Shattered dreams always drown in pools of potential once full of promise. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blood lines are all that            remain as reminders of                       life taken too soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nightly visits, he gently nudges on my door begging me to let him in.   ~a Haiku poem is a Japanese poem with the first verse with 5 syllables and the second with 7 syllablles and the 3rd … Continue reading Haikus (2/30)


A portrait hangs on the wall Of a Taino queen She has my abuela’s eyes Sugar cane skin Emitting light That illuminates our potential   History wears the face of family Looking to the past, to create the future I reach through centuries to reclaim that which we have forgotten, forgone, and been stripped of   Honor, power, strength, self-respect Once petroglyphs etched on stone Are … Continue reading Regreso


   Crickets sing lullabies in uncharted latitudes where earth meets sky, butterflies dance against the tree lined milieu like a Thomas Kinkade masterpiece Shadows cower beneath the shimmering touch of the moon Weaving a future from a tangled past, trying to erase a life rich in history Bells toll, the street light flickers Concrete and cement yards replaced by soccer moms and bustling children.   … Continue reading Untitled


Tonight I want it to rain blades of nostalgia that pierce through my skin washing away every memory we created~ Purging my body of the toxins that remained after you infused me with your poisonous tongue, the battle scars inflicted during our version of World War II still haven’t healed… You are a nuclear power plant Landmines, Bombs, Ak-47’s Powerful and destructive I have to get … Continue reading Nostalgia