Can You Go From Being a Jump Off to being the Main Chick????

LegsJump off, f*ck buddy, friends with benefits there are many terms used to describe sex with no strings attached. Whether you are the other woman/man or just that one person always readily available for sex at some point someone in the relationship (and I use that term lightly) is going to want more.  It’s just human nature, we eventually all want what we can’t have.

Usually what starts off as  fun, harmless sexual encounters can often lead to one of the parties involved seeking a more meaningful relationship. When two people get involved in this type of relationship the sex is usually amazing and this is why the relationship can continue on for years without either individual realizing that at some point what started out as harmless fun has unintentionally turned into a relationship. The man or the woman starts to develop feelings for the other and starts thinking “if we’re this good sexually why can’t it be this good if we took it a step further?” After all, they do say that sex is a big part of a relationship so if the sex is good why not step it up right? Wrong. Sex while an important part of a relationship is not the only thing in a relationship.

Relationships involve trust, communication, honesty, stability, monogomy and if you started off the jump off relationship in a dishonest way how will both parties ever really trust each other. Ideally one would think that the relationship should work but what will happen is that eventually the hot amazing sex will dwindle and what used to be fun and exciting can turn into boredom and resentment. It makes me wonder can a real relationship blossom and be successful if it started off as a jump off situation????

3 thoughts on “Can You Go From Being a Jump Off to being the Main Chick????

  1. Oh, I hope Justine is wrong. I’ve been searching for an LTR for a while now, sex first, hoping that good sex from the get-go can in fact be the basis of something long term. Having been in a long term relationship where there was never good sex, despite the fact that everything else was in place, I believe that the sex is the foundation of the relationship. Even if it fades over time, the memory of the pleasure you brought one another at the beginning could sustain something for the long term. This all said, I’ve yet to find this guy. Maybe y’all are right, but I’m not giving up yet.


  2. I don’t think that a “jump off” situation can turn into a meaningful relationship. I’m sure that it has happened from time to time, but its just the exception. Most of the time, like you said, one person eventually wants more, which only ruins the fun and exciting sex according to the other individual. The person who wants more is only left feeling hurt and used. Thank you ms808 for my morning thoughts 🙂


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